Merupuri v1

Type: Fanlisting #97
Theme: Happily Ever After
Featuring: Airi, Aram, and Jeile (Merupuri)
Online: July 30, 2014 ~ present

I discovered Merupuri by complete chance, when I came across this LaLa magazine at a Japanese bookstore, featuring a handsome bishounen on the cover ♥.♥ As it turns out, the series is quite adorable~ the story is about a young prince who was cursed with a magic spell that ages him into a young man when exposed to darkness, and the only way to reverse the spell is to receive a maiden’s kiss ♥ I named my online network Lovely Romance Network, which was inspired by my love for this series ♪

Version 1 features Aram, Airi, and Jeile in a super dreamy and romantic design ♥ I wanted a cute design with lots of hearts and flowers in fluffy shades of pinks and lavenders ☆ The series revolves around fate and destiny and is so wholesome and pure, so I went for a happily ever after theme.