About the Site

Background: My online journey as a webmistress began in July 2003, when I was inspired to create a fansite dedicated to the anime series Yuugiou. My network exploded in growth with the discovery of fanlistings, and I have since created hundreds of layouts for 100+ sites over the the years. My main interests are anime/manga, games, and J-pop, and I currently maintain 3 domains, 50 fanlistings, and a handful of other sites ♥

About the Site: Valhalla was launched on November 17, 2020 and features Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. I wanted a minimalist design so that my archived designs can shine ★ Making pretty layouts has always been one of my favorite things to do, and I created this layout archive as a way to keep a historical record of all my creations.

Title: The title is inspired from a location in FFXIII-2. In the game, Valhalla is a world where the entire span of time can be seen because it exists beyond the flow of time. I thought it was a fitting name for my layout archive, where you can see my entire online history in one place.