Hatsukoi.org v3

Type: Domain #3 – Fanlisting collective
Theme: Otome no Kiss
Featuring: Aram & Airi (Merupuri)
Online: December 25, 2017 ~ present
Site: http://hatsukoi.org

For hatsukoi.org‘s third design, I wanted to create a super fluffy and romantic design that would make everyone’s heart flutter a little X3 It features Aram & Airi from the manga series, Merupuri ♥ Aram starts off as a cold prince, and I love how protective and gentle he becomes when he falls in love with Airi ♥

Version 3 Otome no Kiss features a spring theme~ it is a time of new beginnings, and is a fitting representation of their innocent relationship. Otome no Kiss translates to a maiden’s kiss and is inspired by the fated kiss that Airi gives to Aram to release him from a magical spell gone wrong. I wanted a rustic and romantic theme, and included lots of brown, pink, and green.

I adore this image so much that it’s actually the second time I’ve used it in a design – I previously featured it on an old design at the Aram & Airi fanlisting. I rarely ever reuse an image, but I wanted to create a remake worthy of this beauty X3