Hope Estheim v1

Type: Fanlisting #108
Theme: A New World
Featuring: Hope Estheim (Final Fantasy XIII)
Online: March 20, 2017 ~ present
Site: http://hope.hatsukoi.org

Hope Estheim made his debut in Final Fantasy XIII as a sheltered young teen who was forced to grow up quickly due to a tragedy. While I adored this little!Hope from the first game, it wasn’t until he aged into a handsome and intelligent young man in the sequel that I fell completely in love with him ♥ I literally swooned every single time he showed up in a scene, and I was so proud to see that he became such a well-respected leader in the future X3

Version 1 features adult!Hope from FFXIII-2 as he dreamily gazes off into the distance ♥ I wanted a design that would live up to his image as a symbol of hope so I went for a serene and peaceful theme.