Ichigo.nu v2

Type: Domain #2 – Anime collective
Theme: The World Ruler ~someday I’ll show you a shining world~
Featuring: Yagami Light (Death Note)
Online: July 18, 2007 ~ May 19, 2020
Site: http://ichigo.nu

I wanted a sexy bishounen to grace my domain so I chose my favorite evil genius: Yagami Light from the anime series Death Note ♥ I chose Someday I’ll show you a shining world as the theme because it fits Light’s godlike philosophy. It comes from a line from the anime’s opening theme song entitled The World.

This design was full of unexpected surprises~ I told myself to never do a dark layout on ichigo.nu (fluffy layouts only plz!), and then I break that rule on the second layout XD; But the dark theme looked so cool and fitting for Light :3 And while I do ship Light/L, the fact that L appears on the layout is purely by chance – he happened to be in the right spot to be included on the layout XD; I also did not intend for the layout to be up for 13 years X_X