Ikemen Desu Ne v1

Type: Fanlisting #89
Theme: A.N.JELL are here
Featuring: Shuu, Mio, Ren, and Yuuki
Online: October 5, 2011 ~ December 28, 2016
Status: Closed

Ikemen desu ne was a 2011 Japanese drama starring Tamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke, Yaotome Hikaru, and Takimoto Miori. The story revolves around the handsome members of the all-male fictional band A.N.JELL, as they welcome new member Mio into the group. Due to circumstances, his twin sister is secretly recruited to temporarily take his place in the band, and she is suddenly thrown into a world of music, love, and rivalry. I initially watched this drama for the Johnny’s boys, but ended up loving the cute and adorable story ♥

Version 1 features the ikemen stars at their finest ♪ A.N.JELL has a cool and mysterious image, and I wanted a dark and sparkly design filled with stars ★

Side story: I attended a Kis-My-Ft2 concert in Yokohama, Japan in summer 2011. At the end of the concert, they unexpectedly asked fans to voluntarily stay back so they can film the concert scene in the final episode of the drama. There was a scene where Ren (Tamamori) walks through the crowd, and I was one of the lucky fans that got a chance to touch his arm as he walked by ♥.♥ *swoon*