Oh Naruto Nippon v1

Type: Fanlisting #56
Featuring: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura (Naruto)
Online: January 11, 2006 ~ July 15, 2007
Status: Closed

Oh Naruto Nippon was a Japanese radio program hosted by Uzumaki Naruto‘s seiyuu, Takeuchi Junko, to promote the Naruto anime series ♥ I enjoyed all the hilarious skits and stories on this show, and I got to know the voice actors behind each character as well – it really helped deepen the love I had for this series ♥

The highlights of each show were recorded on CDs that had these adorable super!deformed drawings, and this particular album cover featuring Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura was definitely the cutest! I wanted a colorful design that was lively and fun, just like this radio program ♪