Senga Kento v1

Type: Fanlisting #72
Theme: 「ん?」
Featuring: Senga Kento
Online: January 9, 2007 ~ June 6, 2010
Status: Closed

Senga Kento won me over during his many appearances on Shounen Club when he was still a Johnny’s Jr. member in Kis-My-Ft2 ♪ In one of the show’s segment, the theme was Otoko no Sexy (a guy’s sexiness) and Senga explained that when girls are saying something, even though he hears everything, he will lean in and say 「ん?」 (hmm?) at the end. According to him, this is sexy XD Things like that, and his singing and dancing, won me over X3

Version 1 featured Senga in a happy and innocent design. When I think of Senga, I see someone who is full of innocence and always smiling, so I wanted the layout to also be bright and youthful ♥