Squall & Rinoa v1

Type: Fanlisting #22
Theme: Waltz for the Moon
Featuring: Squall & Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)
Online: October 12, 2004 ~ November 24, 2006
Site: http://squinoa.hatsukoi.org

I fell in love with Squall Leonhart & Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII at first sight, before I even knew who they were or what their story was ♥ I had stumbled on some breathtaking artwork of these two online and had to find out more, and this is how I first got into the Final Fantasy series XD They are my first game OTP and will always have a dear place in my heart ♥

Version 1 features screencaps from one of my favorite moments in the game ♥ I absolutely adored this scene of Rinoa boldly dragging Squall out onto the dance floor – it was awkward and hilarious and super swoonworthy X3 My one regret about this design was that you couldn’t see Squall’s handsome face which is another major reason I got into this game XD