Tsukimori & Hino v1

Type: Fanlisting #74
Theme: Winter Sonata
Featuring: Tsukimori Len & Hino Kahoko (Kiniro no Corda)
Online: November 17, 2007 ~ December 21, 2008
Site: http://tsukihino.ichigo.nu

I immediately supported the relationship between Tsukimori Len & Hino Kahoko, the rival violinists from Kiniro no Corda ♥ They may be rivals in their school’s prestigious music competition, but their mutual love for the violin created a special bond between them. As a novice to the music world, she finds inspiration through his beautiful music and depends on him for help and advice. Watching over her as she discovers her love for music has also reignited his passion for playing the violin ♪

The layout features a possible event from the Kiniro no Corda 2 game. I love this romantic image of the two dancing, and wanted to capture that swoonworthy mood here ♥