Akatsuki v1

Type: Fanlisting #53
Featuring: Akatsuki (Naruto)
Online: August 8, 2005 ~ February 20, 2007
Site: http://akatsuki.ichigo.nu

Looking back, I admit it was crazy to apply for this fanlisting when there was so little information known at the time about Akatsuki, a mysterious organization of criminals from Naruto. All I knew was that Itachi and Kisame were cool, and I was excited to see how these bad guys were gonna shake things up in the shinobi world ♪

Version 1 featured the shadowy silhouettes of the Akatsuki in their first appearance together in the manga. I was determined to include the whole group but Kishimoto-sensei really took his time with revealing all the members, so I had to make do with adding some artistic touches to liven up an otherwise plain image ^^;