Ichigo.nu v1

Type: Domain #2 – Anime collective
Theme: Catch Me When I Fall
Featuring: Uchiha Sasuke & Haruno Sakura (Naruto)
Online: August 21, 2005 ~ July 18, 2007
Site: http://ichigo.nu

ichigo.nu serves as my anime collective, where I host all my anime sites. For the very first version of the domain, I chose one of my dearest OTP whose relationship always made me dokidoki: Sasuke & Sakura from the anime series Naruto

I adored their innocent days together in Team 7, so I went for a cute design with lots of bright colors and hearts. But I love the angst too, so I included a more serious side of the pair in the background.

I chose Catch me when I fall as the theme, not only because it fits the image, but it also describes their relationship. Although the image shows Sakura holding onto Sasuke, he is the one that needs to be saved and of course only Sakura can save him X3