Aram v1

Type: Fanlisting #49
Theme: Mamoru
Featuring: Aram (Merupuri)
Online: May 30, 2005 ~ April 12, 2009

I fell in love at first sight with Aram from Merupuri ♥ It was a completely random chance encounter, destined by fate (just like the series!) X3 I happened to see his handsome face gracing the cover of a LaLa magazine at a Japanese bookstore, and I had to find out more about this mystery man. My gut instinct was right – as I learned more about Aram, I fell in love with him all over again ♥ Whether he is a stubborn little child or a dashing young man, I love everything about this Prince Charming ♥

Version 1 features Aram in a simple design. I wanted a sexy and mature design with older!Aram, but it came out kinda plain. If I had a ranking of my favorite layouts, this would be dead last ^^;