Vampire Knight v1

Type: Fanlisting #48
Theme: Secrets
Featuring: Cross Yuuki, Kuran Kaname, and Kiryu Zero (Vampire Knight)
Online: April 18, 2005 ~ September 26, 2005

I was already a big fan of Hino Matsuri-sensei (thanks to Merupuri), so I knew I would fall in love with her next series filled with sexy bishounen, Vampire Knight ♥.♥ The series is set in a world where vampires secretly co-exist with humans, and the story revolves around a love triangle between a human, a vampire, and a vampire hunter ♥

Version 1 features the main trio of Yuuki, Kaname, and Zero in a dark and mysterious theme. As it was a pretty new series at the time, I had limited images available to work with and my airbrushing skills were also pretty limited ^^;; Around this time, I was rolling out new fanlistings and layout revamps almost weekly, so I was experimenting with curvy designs just to try something different.