Full Metal Panic! v1

Type: Fanlisting #58
Theme: Mithril
Featuring: Sagara Sousuke & Chidori Kaname (Full Metal Panic!)
Online: February 11, 2006 ~ October 26, 2015; December 31, 2016 ~ June 3, 2018
Site: http://fmp.ichigo.nu

Back in the days, I generally stayed away from mecha (aside from my childhood favorite Gundam Wing), so it caught me by complete surprise when I randomly discovered Full Metal Panic! and became completely obsessed ♥ The show manages to blend action, comedy and romance really well, and it helped me become more open to trying mecha series since then. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread the light novels and rewatched the anime – it is truly one of my cherished favorites ♥

Version 1 featured Sagara Sousuke & Chidori Kaname in a futuristic and technical design. The story is set in a technologically advanced world, so I wanted the design to feel modern and cool, and included blueprints from the Tuatha de Danaan submarine on the design X3

Side note: In October 2015, I launched a new design for the site but ended up giving that layout to the Sousuke & Kaname fanlisting in December 2016. So I reverted the site back to this design for another 1.5 years ^^;