Tsubaki Issei v1

Type: Fanlisting #60
Theme: Daidoumyaku
Featuring: Tsubaki Issei (Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!)
Online: February 5, 2006 ~ July 7, 2007
Status: Closed

Tsubaki Issei is a fairly minor character from Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!, but his few scenes in the series stole my heart ♥ He is in the karate club and loses to Sousuke in a fight due to a careless distraction (he catches a glimpse of his crush Kaname), and makes it his life goal to challenge him in another fight. However due to a series of hilarious misunderstandings, he never gets a proper rematch XD

The design featured a simple dark theme using screencaps from my favorite episode ♥ He is a strange combination of sexy and dorky, and I had to include both sides here X3 I usually don’t like when a person’s face is hidden on the layout, but I did it here to play off his cool and mysterious appearance (until he opens his mouth X3).