Hatsukoi.org v1

Type: Domain #3 – Fanlisting collective
Theme: Blooming
Featuring: Sagara Sousuke & Chidori Kaname (Full Metal Panic!)
Online: July 25, 2006 ~ August 15, 2009
Site: http://hatsukoi.org

Hatsukoi.org serves as my fanlisting collective. Hatsukoi means first love in Japanese, and I angsted so hard over choosing which pairing would grace the domain’s first design. Inspiration suddenly hit me while I was drooling over this yummy image of Sousuke & Kaname from the anime series Full Metal Panic! Sousuke, like a little boy in love, cutely thrusts a rose in Kaname’s face, who blushes while taking a step back in surprise~ X3 I thought this image perfectly embodied the definition of first love

Blooming features a summer theme and I used cool colors like blue, lavender, and white, and included lots of flowers and little butterflies. The theme was inspired from the rose that Sousuke is holding out for Kaname~ it not only symbolizes love, but I thought it was a nice metaphor that their relationship is blooming as well ♪