Hyde v1

Type: Fanlisting #69
Theme: Angel’s Tale
Featuring: HYDE
Online: September 25, 2006 ~ January 21, 2024
Site: http://hyde.hatsukoi.org

I was immediately drawn to the soulful voice of HYDE, the lead vocalist of the J-rock band L’Arc~en~Ciel ♥ He also has a successful solo career as well as his side project VAMPS ♪ I can’t decide whether I prefer his rock, pop, or ballads more~ they’re all amazing! Love his songs, love his adorable personality, and love his handsome face ♥

Version 1 featured a quiet moment of HYDE with his guitar ♥ He usually has a glamorous rock’n’roll image, but I was drawn to this simple yet captivating image of his natural self. I kept the design light and simple to complement the casual mood of the scenery.