Hatsukoi.org v2

Type: Domain #3 – Fanlisting collective
Theme: Vamp Rose
Featuring: Kuran Kaname & Cross Yuuki (Vampire Knight)
Online: August 15, 2009 ~ December 25, 2017
Site: http://hatsukoi.org

This particular image of Kuran Kaname & Cross Yuuki from Vampire Knight always took my breath away, so I decided they would be the next OTP featured on hatsukoi.org ★ I love how in this image, Yuuki is snuggled up so comfortably against Kaname, who has his arm wrapped around her so possessively ♥ /NOSEBLEEDS

Version 2 Vamp Rose features an autumn theme – it is a time of transition and melancholy and is a fitting representation of their relationship. I love how their relationship starts off sweet and innocent, and gradually becomes more dark and lustful as the series continues. I made use of lots of pink, brown, and gray, and made it very elegant and bloody X3