Oshihito & Chihiro v1

Type: Fanlisting #84
Theme: Let’s go see the cherry blossoms together
Featuring: Katsuragi Oshihito & Ashihara Chihiro (HaruToki4)
Online: July 28, 2009 ~ November 8, 2011
Status: Closed

I easily fell for the sweet relationship between Katsuragi Oshihito & Ashihara Chihiro from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4 ♥ He is the commanding shogun of the Nakatsukuni army; she is a sweet high school teenager who is actually the last surviving princess of Nakatsukuni. They first met during their childhood, but did not have any sort of relationship until they meet again years later, when he is assigned to protect her as she fights to take back her country. Through their journey, they both mature and begin to open their hearts to each other ♥

The theme for the design comes from one of the promises they make with each other during their journey. Their reunion under the cherry blossoms is one of the most heartwarming events in the game, and I used lots of pastels and sparkles to give it a dreamy feel. I love how the sunlight is peeking through the cherry blossoms and shining down on our heroes~ X3 The image used in the foot of the design was the scene that won me over and officially turned OshiChi into my OTP of the Haruka series~ ♪