Kiniro no Corda v1

Type: Fanlisting #47
Theme: Melody of Love
Featuring: the main boys of the series (Kiniro no Corda)
Online: April 14, 2005 ~ July 10, 2007

To this day, I still remember how I randomly discovered Kiniro no Corda: I was reading my LaLa magazine when I came across a full page color ad featuring handsome guys carrying musical instruments. They already got my attention thanks to the cute guys XD, but the music element made me extra curious. Thus began my journey into the wonderful world of otome games ♥ All the boys stole my heart, and I came to appreciate classical music thanks to this series ♪

Version one featured a bright and simple layout with all the main boys. As the series was fairly unknown at the time, there weren’t many decent scans available so I had to make do with what I could find ^^;