Kurosaki Ichigo v1

Type: Fanlisting #116
Theme: Black Moon Rising
Featuring: Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach)
Online: April 15, 2024 ~ present
Site: http://kurosaki.ichigo.nu

Before I even got into the anime/manga series Bleach, I knew I was gonna love Kurosaki Ichigo based on his name alone X3 I soon fell in love with his handsome face and easygoing personality, as well as his kind nature ♥ He is always ready to protect his loved ones, and I loved watching his fierce and exciting battles. He is my domain namesake, and I loved watching him mature through the years into a fine young man ♥

The design features a blend of some of my favorite images of Ichigo in various stages of battle. I love that sexy scowl of his, and I wanted a grungy design showing his cool side. The design is a bit busy with the blend of Ichigo’s, so I kept the rest of the design fairly simple.