Hyde v2

Type: Fanlisting #69
Theme: Mad Qualia
Featuring: HYDE
Online: January 22, 2024 ~ present
Site: http://hyde.hatsukoi.org

Version 2 is a dark and grungy design featuring HYDE ♥ When I saw this image, I was immediately motivated to create an edgy and cool design for this J-rock superstar ♪ In a world of chaos, his soulful voice and handsome face is like a safe haven and I wanted the design to reflect this feeling X3

On a side note, it’s been yearssssss since I last did a grungy design XD; My specialty tends to be fluffy and dreamy designs, and I wasn’t sure if I could still pull off a grungy design. Had to bring out textures and brushes that haven’t been touched in well over a decade, but I’m so pleased with how this design turned out ♥