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Type: Domain #5 – Personal Domain
Theme: She Must Not Be Forgotten
Featuring: Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)
Online: September 20, 2015 ~ October 14, 2020

For the grand opening of, I wanted a bold and cool design. Of course it had to feature the domain namesake, Lightning, and I chose her appearance from the final game in the FFXIII trilogy, Lightning Returns.

The theme She Must Not Be Forgotten is inspired from a quote by the game’s character designer, Nomura Tetsuya. The design features a mix of chaos and fantasy, and I went with black and pink, my favorite color combo.

It had been many years since I last created an iframe layout, but it seemed fitting since I wanted to keep this domain small and simple. Unfortunately, the content area was tiny (now I remember why I avoid iframes XD) so I had to keep my content super minimal ^^;