Tsukimori & Hino v2

Type: Fanlisting #74
Theme: Moonlight Destiny
Featuring: Tsukimori Len & Hino Kahoko (Kiniro no Corda)
Online: December 21, 2008 ~ present
Site: http://tsukihino.ichigo.nu

In celebration of crosslisting the fanlisting into Anime/Manga, I created a layout featuring a blend of dreamy manga scans ♥ The main image on the left was featured on a cover of LaLa magazine, and I was so happy they were the first pairing from the series to grace the cover X3 The image on the right is from the cover of tankouban #10. I couldn’t decide which image I loved more, so I used them both X3 The theme of this design is a starry night under the twilight moon~ I wanted everything dreamy and romantic, and made use of lots of hearts and stars ♪