Tsukimori & Hino v3

Type: Fanlisting #74
Theme: Endless Waltz
Featuring: Tsukimori Len & Hino Kahoko (Kiniro no Corda)
Online: December 23, 2008 ~ present
Site: http://tsukihino.ichigo.nu

In celebration of crosslisting the fanlisting into Anime/Manga, I made the fanlisting skinnable and decided to remake Version 1 with a fluffier and dreamier version ♥ I still wanted Tsukimori and Hino’s dance to be the highlight of the design, but I also included their sweet violin duet ♪ The quote on the layout is my favorite from this series: You should relax when you play. Believe in all the hard work you’ve put in, and also… believe in me. *swooooooon*