Tsukimori Len v1

Type: Fanlisting #76
Theme: Crescendo
Featuring: Tsukimori Len (Kiniro no Corda)
Online: May 23, 2008 ~ March 18, 2011
Site: http://tsukimori.ichigo.nu

I easily fell for Tsukimori Len, the soulful violinist from Kiniro no Corda ♥ He is one of the brightest stars at Seiso Gakuin, but starts off cold and distant due to his serious and strict personality. He slowly begins to open up when he meets the heroine Hino Kahoko, the novice violin player whose pure music moved his heart. He becomes her strength and rival, and they help push each other to succeed farther together ♪

The layout featured a blend of images of serious!Tsukimori set against a sky blue theme. I wanted a cool design showing off his cold but sexy gaze, and loved this image that was featured on the cover of the ending theme song from the anime.